Huge Community Collaboration – So Many Contributors to Camp Renewal (check it out)

This summer more than 300 children will enjoy an unmatched experience of camaraderie, support, learning and the out doors, and thanks to the YPO and their partners the camp facility that we love and depend on for this experience will be given a tremendous facelift.  This massive partnership will significantly improve the experience of thousands of children over the years.

The Young Presidents Organization (YPO) recently came to the camp property for their monthly forum meeting and determined they would take some significant projects on this spring including the renewal of each of the 25 camper cabins, inside and out.  Seeing much need and hearing the experiences and needs of our kids, programs and staff, the crew also have their sights on improving the camp showers/bathrooms, laundry facilities and paths.

 Partners Jumping In with the YPO members to help the project include:

  • Laurie Jarvis of Unique Spaces: Interior designer creating palettes for great exterior and interior treatments, and fabric and rods for windows. She is working with a volunteer seamstress to make curtains for each camper cabin
  • Each Cabin will have a 6×8 Patio in front of it with proper aggregates underneath and concrete provided by Tomlinson, who will also provide aggregates for roof lines and for the regrading of the upper pathway!
  • Graydex to is donating necessary equipment, operators, foreman and laborers to assist with creation of the model renovation on Friday May 13th, and event day June 26th.
  • Manotick painter, Mark Dunbar, who will donate his services along with his crew and is seeking  preferred pricing and / or donation. 
  • Mark Watson (CRS Equipment Rentals, Ottawa Construction Association Director) has confirmed that the “Young Executives” will donate monies raised from their September Wine and Cheese event. Monies raised will go toward some of the many specialized repairs needed (roofing, ventilation, laundry facilities).
  • Insurance and Bonding Broker, Mike Lalande and another friend, Shawn Argue of Baird Construction,  are moving forward with the new Shower Facility project. They have design drawings and supplier (Kott Lumber ) lined up to deliver a new shower facility with 12 private and individual areas.
  • The YPO Members have reach out and committed their own labour, funds and materials to this project as well.

This coming together of the community could not have happened without the passion and commitment on the YPO Ottawa, and specifically, Paul McCarney of Graydex.  The resourcefulness and inspiration this group has shared with their partners, colleagues, suppliers, each other and Christie Lake Kids is remarkable and a testament to the incredible community leaders these people are.

They believe, like Christie Lake Kids, that all kids deserve a chance to succeed. At Christie Lake Kids, we believe that skill development programs in recreation, sports and the arts are essential for healthy and happy childhood. Numerous studies support that belief, showing that children and youth with access to longer-term recreational opportunities have better school attendance, achieve more, get better grades and have higher social and interpersonal abilities.

The harsh reality is that one in five children live in families experiencing poverty. Christie Lake Kids is a non-profit organization, dedicated to serving children and youth from theOttawaarea that are at risk because of their poverty. Since 1922, we have been committed to enhancing the quality of life for children and youth living in poverty by increasing access to and participation in recreational and skill-building opportunities.

“Economically disadvantaged children compared to their middle-class peers are far less

likely to have the opportunity to participate in organized (coached) sports or receive

instruction in the arts. One is hard pressed to think of any other domain in Canadian

Children’s lives where participation is so classed-linked: middle-class children have the

opportunities for participation, poor children do not. Lack of participation and

accomplishment in these skills areas not only lowers life quality during childhood but it

decreases life chances in adulthood. ” Late Dr. Dan Offord

 Christie Lake Kids programs have opened up future horizons for thousands of children and youth from low-income families. Thank you for providing support to these kids. This amazing effort will go down in CLK history as extraordinary, because of the deep care and hard work this extraordinary group of business people brought to this very special facility. 


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